Welcome to EngPALs

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EngPALS is a scheme set up by students, for students, within the School of Engineering

To read more about becoming an EngPALS leader and to apply, go to our wiki.

EngPALS is a Peer-Assisted Learning Scheme, where more senior students can help new students with the transition to university education. Our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere and support system where you can discuss any aspect of your degree or general student life. We run activities within sessions to help you with your studies and independent learning, and we are also here to offer guidance if you have any concerns about any aspect of university life.

With EngPALS, you, the students, are able to influence what is covered in the sessions - whether you are worrying about exams, struggling to find the right reference material, or just have no idea who to contact if you can't hand in an assignment on time - we can help!


The Committee

Commitee Role Student
Lead Coordinator  Mary Morris
Internal Communications Coordinator Mhairi Sime
Evaluation and Reporting Coordinator Olavo Mendes and Aileen Campbell
Treasurer Matthew Blair and Sophie Malcolm
Events Coordinator Matthew Peasnall 
Recruitment and Training Coordinator Olavo Mendes 
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator Raabiah Ahmed and Porai Gwendere